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Spring 2017

  • Fair Housing and Assistance Animals
  • Marijuana: What We Know and What We Don’t Know
  • Officers’ and Directors’ Duty of Care   

Spring 2015

  • Board Minutes Matter
  • The Shifting Responsibility for Repairing Units
  • Protecting the Association When Engaging Contractors

Winter 2015

  • Communication is Key
  • Out With the Old, In With the New
  • Grills: A Hot Topic for Some Associations

Spring 2013

  • 8 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Unit Owners at Meetings
  • Connecticut Appellate Court Upholds Decisions Favoring Community Associations
  • Unit Owners Are Not Confidential Informants
  • Budget Adoption: Ratification or Veto?

Spring 2012

  • Bankruptcy: Its Impact on the Collection of Common Charges
  • An Ounce of Prevention: Adopting Maintenance Standards
  • Association Operations in the Digital Age: Communicating with Unit Owners Electronically
  • Transparency in Governance: Open Meetings Vs. Executive Sessions
  • A Word About CAI and CAI-CT

Spring 2010

  • Document Overlays: Your Guide to Changes in the Law
  • Going Retro: The Sections of the Common Interest Ownership Act That Apply to Older Communities
  • Does Your Association Know Where Its Real Documents Are?
  • Giving Notice of Loan Transactions

Summer 2009

  • Connecticut Amends the Common Interest Ownership Act
  • How Your Association Should Respond to the Amendments
  • Amendments Now in Effect
  • Amendments Taking Effect on July 1, 2010

Winter 2009

  • No Safety Valve
  • Hearing First, Fine Second
  • Make It Simple
  • Collections and Foreclosures: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Resale Certificates and Document Packages: What You Don’t Need

Spring 2008

  • How Not to Run a 55+ Community
  • Clearing the Air on Smoking Bans
  • Officers and Directors: Often the Same People Wearing Different Hats
  • Resale Certificates: Are Yours Correct and Up to Date?

Fall 2007

  • New Laws Concerning Budget Ratification
  • New Laws Concerning Insurance
  • New Laws Concerning Access to Association Records
  • New Laws Concerning Access to Association Borrowing

Spring 2007

  • CT Supreme Court Support Association’s Authority to Adopt Rules to Clarify the Governing Documents
  • Readopting Your Bylaws and Rules
  • Proxies: Form and Function
  • How Not to Keep Minutes

Fall 2006

  • Change May Not Be Bad But It May Require Zoning Approval
  • Taxing Your Common Elements
  • Keeping Your Active Adult Community Active
  • Reminder: You May Need to Send Annual Notices to Unit Owners Regarding Insurance Deductibles

Spring 2006

  • Practical Steps to Facilitate Transition of the Association from Declarant to the Unit Owners
  • Educational Seminars: In’s and Out’s of Community Association Operations and Governance
  • What to Look for in a Loan

Fall 2005

  • Order! Order! Using Parliamentary Procedures
  • “If You Can Keep It” Creating and Keeping Good Leadership
  • Choosing the Right Contractor

Spring 2005

  • Preparing for a Meeting
  • Mold Matters
  • Gold in Them Thar Common Elements
  • Dealing with Increased Insurance

Fall 2003

  • Borrowing Money The Painless Way
  • Politics Is Usual
  • Is It Time To Update Your Documents?
  • Perlstein’s Maxims

Spring 2003

  • Assessing And Dealing with Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Proxy Votes Not Proper for Directors
  • Resale Certificates
  • The Do Everything Ballot

Spring 2002

  • Time to Focus on Collections
  • The Case of the Noticeably Short Notice
  • How to Vote When You Are Not There
  • Does the Secretary of the State Know Where You Are?

Winter 2001

  • A New Way to Allocate Insurance Deductibles
  • Ready . . . Fire . . . Aim . . .
  • Just Send Them a Letter

Winter 2000

  • Ya Gotta Know the Rules
  • Hand Delivered
  • Minutes Matter
  • Agreements for Exterior Modifications
  • Notice of Bankruptcy

Winter 1999

  • The Next Board, the Next President
  • Making a Record for Litigation
  • Budget Ratification through the Looking Glass
  • Sometimes When You Try to Take a Second Bite from the Apple, the Apple Bites Back!
  • Federal Communications Commission Makes No Major
  • Changes to Antenna Rules